The Paradox of Disconnecting to Connect: The Promise of Experiential

Here’s a nice read about the promise of experiential marketing. The first paragraph hits it on the head.
Experiential has come a long way from the sample driven add-on it once represented, it has become a key player within brands marketing communications and this growth looks set to continue with Pearlfinders Gobal Index 2015 report indicating a 54 per cent increase in experiential activations in 2014 with further growth planned this year.

Part of this can be explained by the fact that our lives have become more and more linked to a screen, live experiences have been elevated to a higher importance with human contact and shared experiences which we then share on our many screens become engrained into everyday life, and this is never truer than with the millennials.

It is an interesting paradox: we want to be separated from our screens while wanting to create content to be seen other people’s screens. For every moment we check-out, we are accumulating memories to share later either through conversations or content, and, like always, we’d prefer to not have to do anything in-the-moment to take us out-of-the-moment – like using our phones or opening Instagram.

The opportunity for brands is to create a seamless content creation experience. It is easy to imagine an event where consumers are happy to be tracked if it means they aren’t going to have to worry about missing the perfect shot or video.

The Paradox of Disconnecting to Connect: The Promise of Experiential

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